Water saving tips

Water is one of the most valuable resources of the worlds and we must try to conserve it. It will help to preserve our environment. Most people may wonder why we should conserve water when near about three-fourth or 71% of the earth is covered by water. But, the fact is that the 97% of the water is saline water which is neither suitable for drinking purpose nor suitable for other daily uses. Only 3% of water is fresh water and 1% is available for drinking and daily use purpose. Not only that, if you reduce the daily usage of the water, it will help to reduce your water bill, too. Reduced water bill means, you are saving money in this way. A few simple initiatives at home may help you to stop wastage of water.

Change Leaky Pipes:

Check whether there is any damaged pipe at your home. Constant leakage from pipes, waste water in a good amount and side by side damage your floor. So, whenever you discover a leaky pipe, immediately shut the valve and call a plumber to fix the pipe. It will help to save money. Yearly checking of pipes with the help of a specialized person is necessary to avoid unwanted circumstances.

Fix Leaky Faucet:

The leaky faucet is another common problem through which wastage of water happens in maximum households. You may wonder how water coming just drip by drip from a leaky faucet may enhance your water bill. Just place a bucket under a leaky faucet and check how much water is gathered there in an hour and multiply it with 24 hours and you will get that a good amount of water is drained away with an apparently innocent leaky faucet. So, whenever there is a leaky faucet at your home, change it immediately with the help of an experienced plumber.

Use Dishwasher and Washing Machine to Save Water:

Use dishwasher and washing machine to wash dishes and your clothes respectively. Washing dishes or clothes under running water by hand actually use much water and wastewater. So install a good quality washing machine and dishwasher at your home with the help of efficient plumber. Fully load these machines before use. The most important things of these machines are pipes. Check that they are fixed properly.

Use Sprinkler for Garden:

Use sprinkler while watering your garden. Water your lawn or garden either early in the morning or late in the evening because most of the water gets evaporated quickly if you water your garden in the middle of the day under the direct sunlight. Do not water your garden in the cool or rainy season. It is just mere wastage of water. Plant those trees that need less water to grow. Plant grass and shrubs – they help to retain water of soil. Use bucket to water our garden.

Use Bathtub:

Use bathtub to take bath. Taking a bath in a tub actually saves money. Using shower for bathing purpose actually lead you to more water usage. But some people really like to bathe under a shower as it gives you a relaxing experience. Both to get relaxing experience and to save money go for low flow shower heads that can decrease water consumption. Consult an experienced plumber in this matter.

So, go ahead and do everything you can do to save money. Save the environment and of course your energy bills!