Planting A Tree

Where To Plant A Tree
Planting a tree can bring many benefits to it’s immediate location such as improving the scenery, reducing air pollution, giving you more privacy in your back yard from neighbors and enticing wildlife to visit. Before you jump ahead of yourself there are a few things to consider before we are ready to start planting so lets take a look at them…

Firstly you will need to select a suitable place to plant the tree. You will need to ensure that the soil is of the right kind. Some soil holds water for too long and some for not long enough. The way to tell this is by taking the pH level of the soil. You can ask at a nearby garden center for help with this. Also the size of the tree will play a part in where it is to be planted. A shade tree will require a large area to grow and flourish whereas a smaller tree can be planted close to your home.

Next you will need to think about what type of tree you want. Different trees bring different benefits. Do you want a fruit tree, one that provides shade, one that is low maintenance? You must also make sure that you can provide the right environment for this tree. Do you have the right soil, enough space? It’s important to consider how big it will be in a few years time e.g if it will be a few metres taller in the coming years then you need to make sure there are no power cables hanging overhead.

After this it is time to take a trip to your local garden centre to purchase. Once you have the tree that meets your needs you will need to carefully bring it back home. If possible plant it immediately for the tree to have the best chance of success.

Caring For Roses

Roses are one of the best known flowers in the plant world as well as one of the most beautiful but they will need to be cared for if they are to reach their full bloom so here are a few tips to help…

1. Be sure to clean up any dead leaves that have fallen at the base of the plant during the fall and winter months as these can sometimes carry disease spores that can infect the healthy rose.

2. Pruning your roses in late winter and early spring to promote new growth will help the lifecycle of the plant. It will also promote airflow for the centre of the plant thus cutting down on disease. Make sure to cut at an angle with a sharp pair of pruners on a new node on the stem.

3. Mulching is very helpful to the rose bush as it will cover up the soil, help regulate moisture and suppress any weeds all the while as it is feeding the plant.

4. Watering – When you water the plant be sure that you are not watering on the leaves because this is a way the the plant can get black spots. Instead water at the base of the flower. If you happen to see any black spots on some of the leaves on the flower then pull the leaves off as they are dead but the black spots can spread to other leaves.

How To Fertilize A Tree

Why Fertilize A Tree?
If a tree is to grow to it’s full capability there are certain nutrients that it will need. These are important not just for it to grow but also for it to be healthy and be strong enough to fight off diseases. If it does not have these nutrients then this will affect how long the tree lives for aswell as it’s growth.

How To Know If A Tree Needs Fertilization
There are a few ways to figure out if a tree needs to be fertilized. The first is the growth of the shoots. If they are under two inches after a year then this tree is a good candidate for fertilization. The best way is to test the soil with a soil kit. Ideally you will do this before the tree is planted and you will test the soil for nutrients. If these are lacking in the soil then fertilization maybe necessary. You can also check the color of the leaves to see if it is getting enough nutrients.

Best Time To Fertilize
The best season to apply the fertilizer is around spring season as this is the time of year when the tree will be able to absorb the nutrients it needs. If you see that the tree is in need of nutrients then you can apply them anytime of year but if is in the summer months then be sure to water the tree soon after so it can absorb them better.

What Type Of Fertilizer
Each tree has different needs and responds best to different types of fertilizer. You will need to do some research into what nutrients your tree is lacking in before you purchase your product.

Tree Pruning

Why Prune Your Trees
polesawTrees are an important part of any garden but they will need to be maintained every few months and not just for the aesthetics of the tree but also for it’s health. Pruning the branches on a tree in it’s first few years of life will determine the strength and lifespan of the tree so it is necessary to know what you are doing.

When To Prune
The best time to prune is just after winter has ended. All of the leaves will have fallen of the tree in the fall so you will be able to see the overall structure of the tree more clearly which will be a help. It is best not to prune in autumn as this is the time of year when disease and funguses are spread which is a danger to the tree.

Tree Pruning Tools
The size of the tree and the garden tools you have at your disposal will determine how you go about this. If it is a large tree then you might consider hiring some professionals to do it. If it is a small tree then a saw or a handlopper will do the job. If the tree is big and you prefer to do it yourself then a polesaw is the best tool to cut the tree. There are gas powered ones and electric powered ones. If you would like more information on the best pole saw reviews then visit this page that has a comparison of pole saw reviews so you can choose the best one for your trees.

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